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August 29, 2011

Health : Shocking Food facts

Go to the grocery store. Pick up a package of food. Can. Jar. Box. Any package. Look at the ingredients. Chances are, you won't know what half the things listed even are. But even worse is that many grocery stores aren't disclosing certain food facts that may help keep you and your family healthier...and safer.

Did you know that "Grocery stores can keep secrets"
With meat, supermarkets must tell you the country of origin, but produce laws aren't as strict, and grocery stores aren't obligated to tell you where your fruits and veggies come from. For example, in a recent E. coli outbreak, German bean sprouts were found to be the source of the bacteria. Many people, including Americans, got very sick, but were clueless as to where those sprouts originated from.

Fruits and veggies aren't as nutritious as they used to be...
According to the USDA, the fruits and vegetables we eat today may contain significantly fewer nutrients than those our grandparents ate. Researchers looked at 43 produce items and discovered drops in protein (6 percent), calcium (16 percent), iron (15 percent), riboflavin (38 percent), and vitamin C (20 percent). So, what can you do? Eat more fruits and veggies!

Speaking of fruit, they might be really dirty, too...
To help protect the fruit from damage, fruits like peaches are soaked in up to 9 different chemicals in the weeks before being shipped off to the supermarket. This is why experts rate peaches, apples, celery, strawberries and spinach as the country's dirtiest fruits and vegetables. As a rule of thumb, wash fruits and vegetables with mild soap and water before you eat them.


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