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September 30, 2011

Lord Cash-Network Buzy Lyrics

In crunk I trust, 
Lord Cash (The DreamKid), 
Uuh! ViNas Let's do this 
You know who isss... 


Network buzy nawapoteza mi real (hey! ) 
Network buzy nnavyo rhyme wani-feel(hey! ) 
Network buzy wanancheki mi ni-ill (hey! ) 
It's Net-wo-r-k-b-u-zy 4 real 

Stanza 1.

Dey all ask me where have I been, 
Show time kwenye game bt dey all know me, 
Sauti yangu tu uhakika kwa mapambo napambika, 
Nlosimama kama mnara msimamo ka Che Guevara, 
Mshamba akifika town (nah! ) Siwez kumuita fala, 
It's Network buzy wote nawa-holla, 
Nshawapanga kwa mataa ka van na daladala, 
Dey still hate on me while Lc am fully paid, 
Waloshindwa tofautisha umauti na zawadi, 
Pound, Euro, Dollar, nigga am so paid, 
Am hotter than haters kwa ma-snitches wote X, 
Just buzy in my city more than tax, 
We got money right here, there is a party over here, 
Stack On Deck M.O.B wine n' beer, 
Hauwez kunisoma nigga a-a-am so busy, 
Level hizi sio eazy get well hater soon nigga... 


Network buzy nawapoteza mi real (hey! ) 
Network buzy nnavyo rhyme wani-feel(hey! ) 
Network buzy wanancheki mi ni-ill (hey! ) 
It's Net-wo-r-k-b-u-zy 4 real 

Stanza 2.
I was down now am top back 2 tha game, 
Kwa ma-snitches, homie, fans na mademu, 
I was school now am back, I run DSM, 
Pesa haizingui kwangu zaid ya ATM, 
Offcoz ni siringi coz sijambi perfume, 
Crunk King rock nita-bang kila sehemu, 
Kwenye wingu la starehe kila siku 2 sherehe, 
Where My GOONS at, ya boi look'a here, 
Kushoto, kulia wasijetokezea, 
255 soldierz Lc nawakilisha, 
I'mma CEO kihivi nalianzisha, 
Put em MIC on tryna 2 pics on me, 
I dream tha Good Life, I hustle 4 good life, 
It's 895 tillion dollars on my mind, 
LORD CASH it's real BiG deal, 
It's 895 tillion dollars on my mind (ViNas) 


Network buzy nawapoteza mi real (hey! ) 
Network buzy nnavyo rhyme wani-feel(hey! ) 
Network buzy wanancheki mi ni-ill (hey! ) 
It's Net-wo-r-k-b-u-zy 4 real 


Welcome 2 my city dawg, 
Welcome 2 tha Lc world, 
Welcome 2 my ville hater, 
STOP if you step on I'mma shoot you away 


Network buzy nawapoteza mi real (hey! ) 
Network buzy nnavyo rhyme wani-feel(hey! ) 
Network buzy wanancheki mi ni-ill (hey! ) 
It's Net-wo-r-k-b-u-zy 4 real 


Wow! You know who isss, (its goin', Nemesis/Media In Motion) 
It's ya Boi Lc Lord Cash, 
Hahaha! Yea! We braek down homie(hey! hey! ) 
We break down homie(hey! hey! ) 
We break down homie, we break down mpaka 
Network zipo buzyyyy! (NMiM)

September 04, 2011

Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor" The History

The History of the Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor"

One of the original All Star basketball shoes.

What is the oldest, most popular, and all time best selling basketball shoe of all time? (As a matter of fact, 60% of all Americans own or have owned at least one pair of these sneakers!) Well it is not the expensive Air Jordans that the Nike Corporation produces! Nor is it made by Fila, Reebok, New Balance, or Adidas. It is the Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor"!

It was in 1908 that the Converse Rubber Corporation opened for business. At first the company only made galoshes and other work related rubber shoes on a seasonal basis. But eventually the company decided it was more efficient to keep their work force employed year round, and began making athletic shoes.

With the popularity of basketball, the Converse Corporation saw the need to develop a shoe that people could wear while playing basketball. After lots of research and development, the very first version of the All Star basketball shoe was produced in 1917. The All Star shoe originally came in natural brown colors with black trim.

In the 1920s, Converse All Stars were made in all black canvas or leather versions. The All Star was to be the first mass produced basketball shoe in North America. It consisted of a very thick rubber sole, and a ankle covering canvas (or sometimes leather) upper. At first sales were slow. They would rapidly increase a few years later, thanks to Charles "Chuck" H. Taylor.

Chuck Taylor is smiling every time someone laces up a pair of his "Chuck Taylor" sneakers.

Charles H. Taylor was a basketball player for the Akron Firestones. He liked what he saw in the All Star shoe and saw its potential for the sport of baskteball As a matter of fact, he believed in the shoe so much that in 1921 he joined the Converse sales force, and later became the player/coach for the Converse All-Stars, the company's industrial league basketball team. 

Throughout his career with Converse, Taylor traveled all across the United States hosting basketball clinics and promoting the All Star shoe. His personal salemanship plus clever marketing devices like the Converse Basketball Yearbooks put his imprint on the sport at all team levels. But the Converse Corporation also bestowed something else on him. 

Because he was so successful in promoting the All Star sneaker, as well as making important changes in the original All Star shoe, in 1932, his name "Chuck Taylor" was added to the ankle patch. Hence the "Chuck Taylor" All Star basketball shoe was born!

The optical white model was introduced at the 1936 Olympics.

Soon basketball teams as well as American boys were wearing Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Stars. In the 1930s Chuck Taylor designed the optical white high top model for the 1936 Olympics, and the shoe with its patriotic red and blue trim became very popular along with all black canvas and leather models of the All Star. 

During World War II, Chuck Taylor served as a captain in the Air Force and coached regional basketball teams, considered an important morale booster for the troops. And the All Star "Chuck Taylor" went off to war as GI's did their exercises in the white high top chucks that became the "official" sneaker of the United States Armed Forces.

After World War II, the classic black and white Chuck Taylor All Star High Top was introduced, a much more eye-catching shoe than the monochrome black models that had been produced up to that time. Basketball was now a major professional sport, with the merger of the National Baskeball League and the Basketball Association of America becoming the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

Chuck Taylor All Stars were the shoe for professional, college and all serious players, and these distinctive black or white high tops were part of the look of each team. In 1957 the low cut All Star was introduced and became poular as a more casual alternative to the high top. 

By this time Converse had an 80% share of the entire sneaker industry. Because of his tireless efforts, Taylor was called the "Ambassador to Basketball" and in 1968, Chuck Taylor was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, one year later he passed away.
The classic black and white high top was introduced in 1949.

Along with the passing of Chuck Taylor, went the dominance of the Converse Company as new rival companies stepped in, spearheaded by the NIke Corporation, and began to chip away at the market share and influence of Converse. Lots of changes began to occur in the athletic shoe industry. 

These rival companies intrroduced new models with new colored looks, all leather uppers, and high tech innovations like pumps and air cells. Although Converse responed by introducing chucks in a variety of colors, and new models like the One Star and Dr. J, teams began abandoning their All Stars and going with other models and brands.

Startinig in the 1970s, athletic shoes became so popular as footwear that adults refused to give up wearing them. Everyone wanted the look and feel of sneakers on their feets. Many new athletic companies emerged and marketed a wide variety of basketball and other sports and leisure shoes. 

The Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star, once the premiere shoe of elite baskteball players now became the shoe of the counter-culture and of baby boomers who refused to stop wearing their favorite pairs of chucks. 

The shoes became very popular with rock musicians, and younger generations wore them for their distinctive looks, colors, and comfort and as an alternative to the high priced high performance shoes made by Nike and other companies. 

They were considered a leisure shoe and now were purchased because they were fashionable. Converse repsonded by manufacturing chucks in hundreds of different variations that included prints, patterns, unusual colors, and special models for different age groups.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Converse Company began to experience hard times. The ownership and management of the Converse Company changed several times. These changes and bad business decisions along with their loss of market share took its toll on the company, and in 2001 they filed for bankruptcy. 

But the brand was too well established to abandon, and new ownership took over, closing all North American manufacturing and moving the manufacture of Converse athletic shoes from the USA to Asia. The brand was reestablished successfully and the company was eventually purchased by its rival, Nike.
Despite all of the innovations and changes in the athletic shoe industry, "Chuck Taylor" athletic shoes continue to live on! 

Thousands of pairs of high top and low cut chucks are still sold each week worldwide. As of today more than 800,000,000 pairs of chucks have been sold. Unlike other sneakers that lose their popularity, the Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor" still remains fashionable. 

Converse All Star "Chuck Taylors" are over 75 years old but still going strong! And since 1949, except for the addition of new colors, original "Chuck Taylors" have not changed one bit -- and they never will!

Converse All Stars na maajabu yake

Kwa mfuatiliaji mzuri sana na wa karibu wa Fashion and designs especially zinazoenda na wakati, ukimtajia "Chuck Taylors" au "Chucks" atakuelewa faster sana unazungumzia nini! Ila kuwaweka wazi raia wengi zaidi ongezea neno All Stars yani "Chuck Taylor's All Stars" moreover malizia kabisa kwa kusema "Converse AllStars" au "Cons". You dig!?

Converse All Star nia aina ya kiatu kinachojulikana kama Sports gear kwani ni aina ya viatu vya raba na convasi ambayo ni mahsusi kwa ajili ya michezo ambavyo vinatengenezwa na kampuni ya viatu ya Converse na kwa mara ya kwanza vilitengenezwa mwaka 1917

Kwanini Chuck Taylor's All Star?

Maybe ndo swali utakalokua unajiuliza. Chuck Taylor alikuwa mwanakikapu afisa mauzo wa Converse ambaye alitoa wazo wa viatu hivyo kutumika kwenye mchezo huo. Baada ya hapo akawa msemaji mkuu wa viatu hivyo na kampuni kwa ujumla na kupewa jina lake. Hiyo ilikuwa  miaka ya 1920.

Kwa zaidi ya miaka 90 sasa viatu hivyo vimezidi kujipatia umaarufu na kuvaliwa na watu wa rika na jinsia mbalimbali kutokana na kuwa na maumbo na rangi tofauti tofauti zenye kumfit na kumpenedezesha yeyote yule.

Kwa mfano viatu vya hapo juu, vinaweza kuvaliwa na mvulana, msichana hali kadhalika. Hata wazee pia hutupia All stars coz walizikuta kitambo na wazidumisha bado.

Ni Exclusive kwa Michezo tu?

Hapana! hebu take a look kwa hiyo Converse ya brown hapo juu, halafu tengeneza picha ya ukiwa na Cadet ya khaki au nyeusi na t-shirt moja ya brown au white matata sana then katiza kitaa au jitupe klabu au hata kuomba viza ubalozini moreover hata kwenye job interview, habari yake sio ndogo!

Kwa kifupi hayo ndo maajabu ya viatu hivi ambavyo bila shaka kila mtu anayekwenda na fashion atakuwa na pair zake kama tatu na zaidi hivi...Coz they keep you smart!

Fanya hivyo tuoneeeeee!

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