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August 26, 2011

Make your hair healthy...Like, Michelle Obama

Steve Harvey's 2011 Hoodie Awards weekend (Aug. 11-14) in Las Vegas honored many celebrities and Soft-Sheen Carson was on hand to honor our everyday community heroes with Optimum Care tress touch-ups and Maybelline makeovers. Johnny Wright, celebrity stylist and artistic style director of Soft-Sheen Carson, was on hand to primp celebs like Tichina Arnold, as well as reveal his new nickname. "We have the FLOTUS and I'm the HOTUS (hairstylist of the United States)," he told audiences at the Hoodies.

The always hilarious and energetic stylist is the hair maven behind Michelle Obama's tresses and he revealed why he loves the First Lady's 'do so much. "I love Michelle Obama's hair because it looks healthy all of the time. She's not about setting trends, she's about healthy hair."

When asked about the FLOTUS' number one hair secret, he joked, "The great thing about her is that she has me," before breaking down the science of her hair diet. Wright explained that, along with his magical hands, Mrs. Obama's intense exercise routine contributes to her shine and thickness. "With her workout regimen, her food and the way she eats, she's all about nourishing her body with clean foods and it shows in her hair. That's very important." According to Wright, the presidential beauty "works out every day."

For those women coveting Mrs. Obama's locks, Wright warns "Do not compromise your heart for your hair. It's more important for your heart to be healthy, than your hair to be styled." Once you've completed that brisk run on the treadmill, Wright says to "do a roller set" to achieve her fullness, and softly wrap your hair with a silk or satin scarf.


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