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April 03, 2011

Beauty, Fashion & Trends

Five Must-Have Fashion Accessories: 

     Heels, Wedge heels, Sandals depending on the comfortability and trends

     Designer Handbags and bags. A fashion-ate bag/handbag, clutches (shoulder bags). Should be not only  stylish but functional too.

     Includes necklaces, bracelets, earings, rings, foot-bracelets and bangles. Go for jewelry that matches the trends as well as that suits your personality.

     Hats and Scarves: 
     Depending on seasons (warm or cool).

     Depending on trends, your personal preferences, shape e.t.c. Better stick to the standard ones i.e Black or/and Brown shades but with different frame colours e.g navy blue and Khaki. You can also go for other colours to match your different outfits.
Beauty, Fashion & Trends Department
rokBrothers, 2011.


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