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August 04, 2012

MMG's Meek Mill Denies Dating Rihanna

DENIAL: Meek Mill
RAPPER MEEK Mill has denied that he is dating popstar Rihanna, amid rumours that the pair were involved in an affair.
The Imma Boss hit-maker, who claims he has a girlfriend in his hometown, instantly became linked with Rihanna after the star posted a picture of them partying together at a New York strip club on her Instagram account.
Meek told VIBE Magazine: "I got a girl at home, so it ain't nothing I can entertain or say I'm involved in when I’m not."
"Yeah, Rihanna is my type," he added. "Pretty chicks are my type."
Meek also dismissed allegations that he was involved a brawl between Rihanna's ex boyrfriend Chris Brown and rapper Drake, at a New York night club.
"The media be having you tangled up," he told VIBE. "Me and [Chris Brown] have nothing to beef about. I’m big on not even doing the rap beef s--t, ’cause in my ’hood, I know guys that got killed at rap battles."
"Killed over putting somebody’s name in a rap, so I’m not really big on that. You talk to that person as a man and leave it at that," he added.


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