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June 18, 2011


The Pain in my life,
is causing my heart,
to break into two.

I just don't care,
about anything anymore.

Why does it have to happen to me?
So much pain,
all by myself.

I don't know,
What to do with my life,
Will this pain ever end?
Will I ever be happy?

                                                              JUST FOR TODAY 
Just for today, let us make up our mind to be happy.
Just for today, let's live through it without trying
to tackle our whole life's problems.

Just for today, let's try to adjust ourselves to what is
and let go what is beyond us.
Just for today, let's try to cheer a soul by doing somebody some goods.

Just for today, lets be agreeable and look as well as we can
Just for today, let's act courteously, be liberal with pride, criticize not one bit.
Just for today, let's live and live, bieng happy and making others happy too.

rokBrothers, 2011


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